Photos from live show at Zephyr Lounge

Hello folks,

On Friday 10th October I played a set at Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa, as part of the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival. We played after a screening of the National’s brilliant film, Mistaken For Strangers.

Below are a few photos from the event, taken by Christine Cuddihy.


Fancy a free download?

In an attempt to brighten up an otherwise miserable, rainy Monday, I thought it would be a good idea to make one of my songs, Two Rabbits, available to download for free. It was recorded at One Nation Studios in Coventry in December 2013, and features Elle Harris on violin, Charlotte Thomas on vocals and Warren Muggleton on drums.

You can listen to it below and download it by clicking on the following link. To download for free, simply type in £0 when asked to name your price.

New songs

Following on from the Kickstarter campaign during the summer, as well as the recording studio in December, I’m pleased to unveil a collection of new songs, which, for a very limited time, will be available to download on bandcamp as an EP.

The EP includes the three songs recorded at One Nation Studios in Coventry with Elle Harris (violin), Charlotte Thomas (vocals) and Warren Muggleton (drums); namely Possum Trot, Two Rabbits and a cover of Lovin’s For Fools. Alongside these, the EP features two new songs: All My Friends and You Don’t Have to Stay.

You can stream the EP and download it (should you desire) through the link below:


A day in the studio

On the 9th December, I was given the opportunity to spend the day recording at One Nation Studios in Coventry. After assembling a gang of magical musicians, namely Elle Harris (violin and backing vocals), Charlotte Thomas (vocals) and Warren Muggleton (drums), we managed to record three songs over the course of the day: Possum Trot, Two Rabbits and Lovin’s For Fools, a cover of a Sarah Siskind song. It was a great day, and the studio itself was mightily impressive, as was the hugely-helpful sound man, James Cannock.

I’ll be releasing the finished versions in one way or another in the new year, but until then, hopefully the clip at the top of this post will serve as a nice little taster!

Moonlight & Magnolias is now available online!


As September finds itself dragging to a close, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that my first EP, Moonlight & Magnolias, is now available through Bandcamp. It is available in three formats:

  • Digital Download, which gives you a download of the EP in any file format you like, as well as digital copies of the artwork and lyrics
  • CD in standard sleeve, which gives you a physical CD, and comes in a cardboard sleeve, made from 100% recycled materials. You’ll also receive digital versions of the artwork and lyrics
  • Special Edition sleeve, which gives you the CD in a limited edition sleeve, which has been hand-stamped and individually numbered. This also comes with a 12 page lyric booklet, and can be signed, if you so desire. Only 100 of these have been made!

You can find pictures, more information and have a cheeky listen to all the songs through the link below.

Thanks for reading!

I’m Student Musician of the Week!

OK, so it’s not quite the front cover of Rolling Stone, but today I was lucky enough to be named the Huffington Post’s “student musician of the week”. They did a little interview and asked a few questions about my influences and interests. One question that I found really interesting to think about was: “if you could play / sing with anyone, who would it be?”

My response was:

“It would be incredible to play alongside Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, though maybe I’d feel like I was intruding on something that was kind of perfect already. I imagine it would be a lot of fun to play with someone like Hugh Masekela, and I’d also love to somehow borrow Ludovico Einaudi for an afternoon and write some songs with him. Maybe all of them together.”

Since then, I keep thinking about other people or groups I’d like to add to the list, people like Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead, Laura Marling and Old Crow Medicine Show, who I imagine must just be great fun.

Anyway, you can read the full interview on their site here, so do check it out if it’s of interest. And while you’re here, why not join in the debate? Who would YOU love to have in your dream band? Who did I forget to mention? Drop me a message or leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you.


first post


I”ve decided to set up a website of sorts, so I can keep everyone up to date with any news, live shows and new releases.  I’ll also post any other ‘media’, including photos and video, and will provide any links to any merch too, once I get that sorted.

I’ll still post songs pre-official release on the Souncloud, so check that out here:, and guess this site will evolve as and when it’s used, depending on what it proves to be useful for.

Speak soon!